Get Your Mind Blown By The Most Informative Infographics Of 2015

Prepare to know everything about who is to blame for climate change.


What’s in your food? If you can’t pronounce something on the ingredient list, it’s probably one of the strange powders depicted in this excellent visual infographic on just what we’re putting in our bodies when we eat processed food. The powders might look mostly benign, but seeing the wide variety of chemicals that are hiding in our grocery stores is a real wake-up call.


That’s the kind of visual storytelling that makes the infographics we featured this year so compelling. As climate change continues to be in the news after the Paris talks, it would be a great idea to check out two very helpful pieces, one on which countries are spewing the most carbon emissions, and another on which states are the problems here in the U.S. Only a handful of countries–and a handful of states–are causing most of our problems, and important perspective for framing the issue. And once you know where the emissions are coming from, make sure to check out the sobering maps of just how much of major American cities are going to be inundated by rising seas. Perhaps if the barrage of articles about climate change and the climate talks didn’t get your attention, these visuals will.

And, after all that heaviness, take a journey to the center of the earth, in infographic gif form. It’s well worth the trip.

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1: A Visual Guide To All Of Those Unpronounceable Ingredients In Processed Food

What do those mystery chemicals actually do? Take a tour of the most common additives to find out how food scientists modify what you eat.

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2: What—And Who—Are Actually Causing Climate Change? This Graphic Will Tell You


A handful of countries and one very big sector are at the root of nearly all our problems.

ChiccoDodiFC via Shutterstock

3: Which U.S. States Are Most Responsible For Climate Change? This Handy Graphic Will Show You

Just 10 states account for almost half of the nation’s carbon footprint.

4: Mapping The Most Hate-Filled Places In America

The maps from Geography of Hate look at where across the country people are most likely to be tweeting something deeply hateful.


5: Infographic: Are You The 1%?

If you make more than $506,000 in New York or $423,000 in Texas, then yes. Yes, you are.

byvalet via Shutterstock

6: 200 Years Of U.S. Immigration (And Anger About Immigration), In A Beautiful Visualization

No matter how many times anti-immigrant sentiment bubbles up, we can’t escape the fact that most of us are descended from immigrants.

Juli Gin via Shutterstock

7: One Simple Graphic Shows That Black And White Americans Really Do Live In Different Countries


Black America is a place where 2 out of every 100 people are in prison and the streets are as deadly as Haiti and Iraq combined. Is this the U.S. you know?

8: This Redesigned American Flag Is A Clever Infographic About The State Of The Union

The stars and bar charts.

9: See How Much Of Miami, New Orleans, And New York Will Be Underwater Because Of Climate Change

Sea levels are rising, and they’re going to drastically reshape (and in many cases, destroy) some of our iconic cities.


10: Take A Long Journey To The Center Of The Earth With This Great Graphic

We’ve only just scratched the surface of exploring the Earth’s mysterious interiors. Here’s a look at the little we do know—and the massive amount we don’t.

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