Now You Can Buy Concert Tickets On Facebook

Watch out, Songkick and Ticketmaster.

Now You Can Buy Concert Tickets On Facebook
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Facebook is making it easier than ever to never leave Facebook.


The company just announced that it is debuting a new “Buy Tickets” button on its event pages, allowing users to quickly snag tickets to events, which can be claimed at Will Call windows. Facebook launched the service today, but it is still in pilot mode. The social media giant is working with a small group of artists, promoters, and venues in the Bay Area in this early phase, but it has plans to expand.

According to BuzzFeed, Facebook will not be taking a slice of the ticket prices. In fact, the entire fulfillment process will be handed off to third parties. Facebook has simply created an interface for selling the tickets and will send a confirmation email to the address the user has registered with Facebook.

Photo: Facebook via Buzzfeed

By entering the ticketing market, Facebook is creating competition for companies like Songkick (which I wrote about last month) that makes it easy for people to discover events close to them and to buy tickets directly from artists. It will also give ticketing powerhouses like Ticketmaster and StubHub a run for their money. Facebook’s massive user base–and its knowledge of users’ locations and tastes in entertainment–give it a huge advantage over other event discovery and ticket-selling platforms.

However, Facebook is only just beginning to explore ticketing as part of its wider effort to make e-commerce easier on the platform. It already has a shopping tab and a “buy” button so that users can visit retailers’ Facebook pages and make purchases without ever leaving the site. It’s yet to be seen how other concert discovery and ticketing companies might be able to collaborate with Facebook to sell tickets.

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