This New Bjork Video Was Shot Inside Of Her Actual Mouth

Björk is a musician who tends to reveal a lot of herself. More often than not, though, what she’s revealing is her emotional state and not her actual tonsils, as she does in her new video.

In the latest cut off this year’s Vulnicura, the artist invites viewers to get to know her more intimately than ever before. The all-too-prophetically titled “Mouth Mantra” was literally shot inside of the Icelandic enchantress’s mouth and throat. Using a special camera and a whole lot of gumption, the artist teamed with director Jesse Kanda to create the video, which features a lot of swirly visuals of bicuspids and glistening tongue-meat.

Occasionally the special camera will disgorge from Björk’s mouth and reveal swaths of her face, red lipstick on her front teeth. There are also scenes of the legendary artist doing interpretive dance in what appears to be a cross between Fifth Element gear and Kanye West’s fall line of apparel. Following the footsteps of her last opus, a 360-degree version is expected soon. But with Björk, obviously one never knows what to expect.

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