Stop Harassing Your Sick Kid With This Smartphone-Connected Fever Patch

Get a notification when your child is getting worse or better, without having to check.

It’s bad enough that your kid’s sick but now you have to keep sticking a thermometer somewhere soft, keeping it there while the poor poppet whines, only to see that, yes, the temperature is still a little too high.


If only you could monitor that temperature from afar, perhaps via notifications on your beloved smartphone. That is the promise of the Fever Scout.

All kidding aside, constant probing with a thermometer is no fun for anyone, so the Fever Scout is a patch, designed to be stuck to the target child and left there, either while he languishes on the sofa all day or while she sleeps. The patch constantly monitors the skin temperature and communicates it to a companion app via Bluetooth, similar to the STEMP Smart Temperature Patch we wrote about in March.

The app is where the neat stuff happens. It will tell you the current temperature, of course, but also lets you see the child’s temperature graphed over time. This lets a harried parent see if things are getting better or worse in an objective manner. It would also give your doctor lots of helpful data should you need to visit them–in fact, you can use the app to share data with a physician.

The other great feature is alerts. Instead of constantly checking the kid’s forehead with the back of your hand–a most inaccurate test–you can instead have the sensor itself show an alert on your phone when things change.

The device comes with a charging station (USB) and ten adhesive strips. When it goes on sale in 2016, it will cost $60, which isn’t nothing, but if it works as well as promised, it could be a fantastic time-saver for parents, especially when flu season comes around.

This kind of connected device seems ideal, because it gets out of the way and lets you focus on what’s important, like being kind to your child, instead of distracting you and getting in the way of human contact. We certainly don’t need more phone-based distractions when it comes to spending time with our kids, but this is one high-tech solution that lets the parents relax, and yet attend to their sick kids as soon as they’re needed.

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