A Russian YouTuber’s Lenovo Ad Has More Than 2.8 Million Views In 48 Hours

If Thai insurance commercials have taught us anything, it’s that the way advertising appeals to people varies around the world. But in a new global campaign, Lenovo has found something we all apparently have in common–YouTubers.

The brand and agency Portal A enlisted the help of three global Youtube creators–Matthew Santoro in the U.S., EeOneGuy in Russia and The Viral Fever in India– to each create a video in their own unique style with the help of Lenovo Yoga products. All three have attracted a significant audience, but EeOneGuy’s insane music video has taken things to another level, with more than 2.8 million views in less than 48 hours.

Portal A director Morgan Wise says the brief centered around the concept of #Goodweird, an ethos aimed at embracing all that’s different and unique in the world. “Our job was to work hand-in-hand with global YouTube talent, creating short films and music videos that embody that spirit, giving these creators the creative and production resources necessary to make their most ambitious dreams a reality,” says Wise.

The goal was to harness the personality of YouTubers in a style that matched the spirit of Lenovo’s broader campaign, and represents the opportunity brands and YouTubers give each other. “Brands and YouTube Creators share similar aspirations,” says Wise. “Popular YouTube creators have the urge to try something new and different, but aren’t often given the opportunity. Brands are looking for ways to reinvent themselves in this new media landscape. The success of the campaign points to the magic that happens when brands and digital native creators believe in each other, and allow for a creative process built on collaboration.”