Doctor Who, Idris Elba, And Benedict Cumberbatch Get Animated For A BBC Christmas Ad

If Brussels sprouts had emotions, they’d likely spend a lifetime in expensive therapy, so shunned are they by so many. But in a new holiday spot from the BBC, at least one little sprout a happy ending. One that involves animated versions of Doctor Who‘s Peter Capaldi, Luther‘s Idris Elba and Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch, among others.

The short animated film tells the story of “Sprout Boy,” a cheerful little chap seeking company for Christmas. On his way, he’s harshly rejected by a baker, a toymaker, and a woodcutter. Each tells him, “Nobody ever liked a sprout.” His spirit is close to being crushed.

But his luck changes when he meets a gathering of BBC One stars heading for a Christmas celebration that sadly wasn’t taking place on Graham Norton’s couch. This would ordinarily be a high-risk situation for a sprout but in this instance, they welcome Sprout Boy into the fold, rather than dousing him in melted butter and eating him.

The spot, created by agency RKCR/Y&R, is narrated by Capaldi, ends with the tagline, “For Christmas together.”LJ