These Fake Black Friday Ads Won Thanksgiving

At first, Jeff Wysaski’s fake-signage tumblr Obvious Plant seemed like the culture-jamming flavor of the month. With masterful editions on Halloween and now Thanksgiving, however, Wysaski is proving to be a man for all seasons.

Despite the presence of another funny Black Friday-related prank pinging around the Internet over the weekend, it’s safe to say that Obvious Plant won Thanksgiving. After distributing Target circulars with ridiculous boasts such as a free falcon with purchases of $75 or more, and ads for “enchanted mayonnaise,” Wysaski was interviewed by NPR about his social experiment, and featured on several local news outlets.

At a time when most Black Friday news involved humanity-debasing fights breaking out over tablet computers, Obvious Plant was the reminder America needed of how silly bargain-hunting can be. Have a look through more images from the ads in the slides above.

[via Obvious Plant]JB