Amy Schumer and Serena Williams Improve The 2016 Pirelli Calendar Immensely

If a certain notorious pin-up calendar appears to contain a wider variety of body types, personalities, and levels of nakedness this year, you’re not just seeing things.

After decades of being an exclusive arbiter of high-end female nudity, the Pirelli Calendar began to develop a social conscious earlier this decade. The 2013 edition featured models clad far less scantily than previous years, included a pregnant Adriana Lima, and also boasted a greater diversity of ages. Then 2014’s calendar kept up the more respectful trend. Now for 2016, the calendar team has assembled perhaps its most eclectic, progressive collection of models ever–forgoing the typical calendar talent for prominent women in various fields that are not modeling.

Serena Williams and Amy Schumer pose nude, serving up a body-positive antidote to the waifish models of yore. Meanwhile, clothed participants include Patti Smith and Tavi Gevinson. Unlike Playboy‘s decision to nix nude spreads, which appeared based on the abundance of more scintillating content elsewhere online, the Pirelli Calendar’s excess of clothing suggests that, duh, women should be valued more for what they think, do, and create, rather than how much their glistening bodies can jazz up the wall in a mechanic’s garage. Gorgeously shot in crisp black and white by Annie Leibovitz, these images are a sharp rebuke to a culture that Pirelli long contributed to, and point the way toward a future with a wider set of values.

Now if only there were some other place people could go to see nude models . . .

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