• 11.25.15

Enjoy The “Captain America: Civil War” Trailer (If You’ve Seen Every Marvel Movie)

From the looks of the trailer, Captain America: Civil War is about what happens when magic friends are temporarily mad at each other.

Due to Thanksgiving week shortness of staff, absolutely the wrong person is writing this very brief post about the latest Marvel movie. I have not yet seen The Avengers: Age of Ultron, so the events of Captain America: Civil War make about as much sense to me as hieroglyphs about jazz. Sure, I could have done some quick research to catch up and give readers the thorough breakdown they deserve on Thanksgiving eve. However, this turn of events also gives us a rare opportunity to examine how intricate the Marvel Cinematic Universe has gotten.


From the looks of the trailer, the film is about what happens when magic friends become temporarily mad at each other. Captain America (Chris Evans) and his pal Falcon (Anthony Mackie) confront their friend Bucky (guy who looks like Mark Ruffalo’s cousin) about possibly having amnesia. They need him to save the day. A general who looks like William Hurt thinks Captain America has an image problem in that some people are pro-superhero, and some people could do without. Also, Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) looks kind of evil now, for some reason. He and Captain America together form the country which is experiencing the titular civil war. Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) is there too. Ditto some of the newer Avengers last glimpsed (for me, anyway) in the trailer for Age of Ultron.

It all climaxes in a contained brawl between Captain America and Bucky vs. Iron Man. Since the future of this universe is mapped through at least 2020, at least two of them will probably survive this civil war. Does it stick to the script of the iconic comic series it’s based on? Possibly! I haven’t read that either. Happy Thanksgiving!

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