4 Things You Must Check Out At Muji’s New Flagship Store

Muji has a fancy new shop, and with it, new ways of experiencing Muji products.


The latest Muji store just opened around the corner from NYC’s Times Square, and carries the distinction of being the flagship for the entire U.S. The two-story location has everything you’d expect from Muji: stationery, bags, luggage, clothes, furniture, and housewares, but where as other locations may only have some of those things, you’ll find most Muji products you can think of here.


Whether you’re looking to add a little flavor to your aroma diffuser, customize a shirt, or pick out a few products inspired by far-off locales, here are four things to check out at the new Muji shop.

Embroidery station

This new location has an exclusive line of clothing based on “natural materials,” but you can also take things one step further and choose from 100 different designs that you can add to your textile-based purchases.

Aroma Labo

The popularity of Muji’s Aroma Diffusers have grown in recent years, even making their way into the MOMA Design Store. Now Muji has a lab for creating custom scents. Referring to a scent chart, you can choose from 48 different olfactory elements, pick the proportions of each one you want, and have Muji’s mixologists conjure up a new smell for your home.

Found Muji

Inspired by the travels of Muji’s main product designer, Naoto Fukusawa, Found Muji steps away from its typical brand of Japanese minimalism and combines its design principles with the crafted housewares of other regions. For the first collection, Muji and Fukusawa looked to Spain’s Basque region for inspiration, developing a line of dinnerware, towels, and more.

Bag Maker

While perhaps not as exciting as the aforementioned parts of Muji’s flagship, you can still tap into your inner graphic-designer and create a custom bag for the goods you buy with a full array of configurable stamps. And if you’re giving someone a Muji care package as a gift, you might as well do it in style. (And save yourself the trouble of rewrapping that thing.)

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