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Watch Failed “Star Wars VII” Auditions From Fake Celebs–and Real Jon Hamm–On SNL

Emma Stone is on hand too, to show what the cast of The Force Awakens might have been.

When casting galacticly anticipated Star Wars VII, J.J. Abrams didn’t go with an excessive amount of stars. He chose instead to make future stars. Saturday Night Live had some fun this past weekend, however, imagining what it would’ve been like had Abrams put some well-known folks of the moment in the leads.


Piggybacking off a classic SNL sketch where the cast portrayed established actors auditioning for roles in the original Star Wars, this digital short offers a new crop of celebrity impressions for the new movie. Abrams himself kicks the video off, leading directly into cast members like Cecily Strong and Jay Pharoah trotting out go-to’s like Sofia Vergara and Shaq. (Bobby Moynihan steals the scene as both a timid George Lucas and later Danny DeVito trying out for the role of BB-8.) Actual actors from the new film, Daisy Ridley and John Boyega, are on hand too.

Although neither was hosting the episode–that duty fell to Matthew McConaughey–both Jon Hamm and Emma Stone also show up to try out for the movie too. See how the actors who really did nail their auditions fare when Star Wars VII finally comes out–seriously, it feels like the build-up has been galvanizing for centuries–on December 18.

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