Melissa McCarthy Goes Next-Level Martha Stewart In “The Boss,” And She Owns It

Step aside, Tony Danza: Melissa McCarthy is the boss now. What’s that? Tony Danza stepped aside literally 20+ years ago, when Who’s The Boss ended it’s run? Doesn’t matter, the reference works. In any case, step aside Rick Ross and anyone else who’s claimed the title in recent years: Melissa McCarthy is indisputably running the show in the first trailer for The Boss.

McCarthy’s last collaboration with husband Ben Falcone, Tammy, was a solid financial success, although it was nowhere near as well-received as the three films she’s made with Paul Feig, including the early summer hit, Spy. In The Boss, however, the pair have wisely ditched the idea of McCarthy as a pratfall-prone doof and had her play one of the most competent people in her field. (Hey, it worked in Spy.)

In the trailer, McCarthy’s Michelle Darnell is intimidating and hubris-filled as one of the leading CEOs in the world; entering a MacWorld-type event astride an enormous gold phoenix, surrounded by pyrotechnics and back-up dancers. Clearly, she is due for a comeuppance and this arrives in the form of a Martha Stewart-style insider trading scandal and subsequent prison sentence. Like a golden phoenix, however, the trailer hints at the trajectory of her rebirth, with some help from a girl scout cookie empire and a supporting cast that includes Kristen Bell and Kristen Schaal.

From the looks of it, this is one boss whose office you’ll want to report to.JB