Wrap Yourself Up In Music With Blankets Designed Like Your Favorite Album Covers

Music is comforting. That’s why parents tend to sing lullabies to their infant children to coax them into slumber. With these album cover blankets, however, now you can basically swaddle yourself like a tiny baby, and have music make you more comfortable than ever before.

Just in time for the holiday season, online retailer Society6 is selling custom-made blankets designed with your favorite album art. Picture it: there you are on your couch bingeing through Master of None on Netflix, sipping on spiked hot cocoa. Okay, now picture the same scenario, but you’re ensconced in a blanket resembling Talking Heads’s Remain In Light like a hipster burrito. There’s your winter sussed out right there. You’re welcome.

Watch a video about the blankets below.

[via Dangerous Minds]