Smash Your Way Through Black Friday With This Sort-Of Insane New PC Game

For anyone already finding the holiday shopping onslaught hard to endure, an antidote is at hand. British video games retailer Game, has released Christmas Shopper Simulator 2: Black Friday, a free PC game that allows you to vent your feelings without harming anyone or spiraling into holiday debt.

The campaign by London-based agency 101 is a follow-up to its 2014 hit, Christmas Shopper Simulator, which was downloaded 1 million times, and user-generated footage garnering more than 40 million views.

Like last year’s version, the new game is chaotic virtual journey into the shopping mall wilds, this time with some added Black Friday madness. Players can fight their way through shopper stampedes to visit new stores, including Britain’s Got Talons, for all their falconry needs or pop into Pet Provocateur for canine lingerie.

The gaming community, including YouTube superstar PewDiePie, whose gameplay video was viewed almost 3.5 million times, warmly embraced the 2014 version. One inventive user created an animation based on a gameplay clip posted by another player.

The tongue-in-cheek game is free to download here, where the original version can also still be downloaded, and is backed by a partnership with Twitch, the video platform and community for gamers.