This Wall-Mounted Standing Desk Is Perfect For Coffee Shops And Shared Offices

StandCraft is a modular piece of furniture that can be adapted to a variety of interesting uses.

Possibly the most interesting use for StandCrafted’s wall-mounted desk is as a piece of shared furniture. Stuck in the wall of a co-working space for instance, or in a coffee shop that wants to encourage entitled people to stay all afternoon for the price of a single latte, it could work wonders.


That’s not to say that the StandCrafted couldn’t be a permanent fixture in a private office. It’s just that it’s so versatile.

The desk consists of a wall-mounted spine, and the edge of the spine has slots into which slide the modular sections. Thus, you can tailor the workstation to fit you needs, but the design favors dropping a closed notebook computer into the bottom magazine-rack-like holder, hooking up to power and the eye-level monitor, and pairing it with a Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad.

“A full time user could conceivably stand all day or quickly reconfigure modules to accommodate part-time sitting and standing,” says StandCrafted founder Jamie Terbeest. “We also envision this desk supporting multiple users, be it a co-working or incubator space, medical location, server room, warehouse, retail kiosk, or even a coffee shop.”

A standing workstation, tucked out of the way and loaded with peripherals to make a laptop more ergonomic sounds ideal for drop-in use, but people who work at home in a small apartment might see it as a good alternative to a stack of books propping up their MacBook on the kitchen table.

Laptops are easily our most-used form of regular computer, but they’re hell on our bodies. If we use them on our laps, we hunch over them. If we put them on desks, we still have to crane our necks the whole time. Just standing up won’t really help. In fact, it might even be worse. “Solely using a laptop in a standing position may invite injury if one is not careful,” says Terbeest. “Proper ergonomics generally requires neutral head position, straight wrists, hands at or below eye level, and upper arms close to the body. We aligned our design with ergonomics best practices to avoid long term injury.”

The StandCrafted desk can be quickly reconfigured, thanks to its slot-in modules, and this also means that–if the Kickstarter is successful–Terbeest plans to add more of them. The company is currently in the middle of designing a flat shelf to use laptops open, a rotating module for an artists’ drawing tablet, and a dual-monitor support.


The $625 (plastic)/$725 (bamboo) desk doesn’t have to be all about work, though. “We are even designing a video game module to support a Sony Playstation 4 or an Xbox One connected to a 4K monitor,” says Terbeest. “Why not play video games arcade style?”

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