Today in Tabs: Bubble, Bubble, Tabs And Trouble

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Today in Tabs: Bubble, Bubble, Tabs And Trouble
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Unicorn-valued mobile payment startup and Starbucks’ resentful pool boy Square looked all set to kick off the Great Tech Bust of 2015 with its IPO this morning. Jack Dorsey’s side-hustle wound up selling 27 million shares at $9, which triggered a $93 million gift to its last-round investors to make up the hilarious difference between $9 and the $18.56 IPO price it guaranteed them. Tech finance looked gloomy everywhere, with Dropbox, Snapchat, and Zenefits all getting written down by mutual funds and Lyft accidentally disclosing that it’s been buying every fifty cents of revenue for more than a dollar in marketing.


Then someone at IAC’s Match Group, which monetizes despair through online dating, realized that their IPO was also scheduled for today which meant that Tinder Chief Dudebro Sean Rad’s interview with The Evening Standard yesterday broke SEC quiet period regulations. So now Rad’s desperation to make it clear that he is a sex-having man who has definitely had sex, his despicable but vague threatening of Vanity Fair writer Nancy Jo Sales, and his fondness for… “I want to say ‘sodomy’?” are all officially aggregated in the permanent record at

So how did it all turn out? Did the toxic tryhard and the part-time beardo finally crash the #tech party train? Well, Match Group is up more than $2 and Square is currently over $13. If you’re in any venture-financed field, make sure you take a moment to thank Jack Dorsey for handing out over $200 million today to keep the bubble intact. And happy International Men’s Day!

Also in Tech: Airbnb is getting sued for pirating an apartment. And who needs hackers when the Georgia Secretary of State’s office will just mail out discs containing the personal info of more than six million voters?

Misc And Whatnot: In all the kerfuffle, it’s worth noting that Gawker can still blog with the best of them. Brian Feldman goes Macbook Pro, baby on the Vine election. Bonus Feldman: Nigella’s Bad Salad. “The Best Name in History” is the vanishingly-rare clickbait headline that under-promises and over-delivers. Jess Misener aggregated Genesis for The Awl and it’s actually (lol #actually!!!) very good I guess!? (But you’re still going to die alone.) Oh hey, has anyone checked on Chait recently?

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Ugh can someone restart him, I think he got jammed again.

A correction from the New York Times:


The undersea cookie monster featured in the fourth-ever Today in Tabs is all grown up and headed for space!

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Thursday Reads: I’m out till Monday, so these ought to keep you busy.

Today’s Remix: Mike Snow, “Heart is Full (Run the Jewels Remix)”

Today’s Song: Savages, “T.I.W.Y.G.” (new Savages album coming in January.)


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