See Teasers For a John Malkovich Movie Nobody Will See For 100 Years

Teasers are supposed to whet the appetite for a movie coming out in the near future. They create anticipation, which pays off upon the film’s eventual release. Releasing teasers for a film that comes out in 100 years, however, is borderline antagonistic, since the payoff is impossible.

Recently, Margaret Atwood made history as the first contributor to the Future Library–a project wherein a novel she’s written goes directly into a time capsule for 100 years before anyone may read it. Now the concept has gone Hollywood, with John Malkovich and Robert Rodriguez making a mystery film that will remain hidden for a century—and the teasers are here to prove it.

The film, 100 Years, is a result of Malkovich and Rodriguez teaming up with Louis XIII Cognac, the high-end liquor brand that is aged for the titular length of time before serving. In addition to making the movie, whose plot is being kept under wraps (way, way under wraps) until November 18, 2115, Malkovich and Rodriguez made three teasers, each of which is set within a different version of the future. None of the footage from them is in the actual film, however, but rather just peaks into the potential worlds the movie will arrive in.

In an interview with i09, the team at Louis XIII revealed how they plan on ensuring the film will have an audience: sending out metal movie tickets to 1,000 influencers soliciting them to invite the future branches of the family tree to a screening in November in 100 years. Maybe those people will see the film in between sessions of reading the new Margaret Atwood book, and riding around on Phunkee Ducks, the future’s number-one means of conveyance.

Watch a featurette about the movie below and more teasers in the slides above.

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