• 11.19.15

How Two Hilarious Talking Testicles Became The Face Of Bonds Australia

The Boys are back for a third time, and still the funniest underwear mascots around.

How Two Hilarious Talking Testicles Became The Face Of Bonds Australia

Back in October, underwear brand Bonds Australia introduced the world to The Boys–just a couple of balls trying to get along in this topsy-turvy world–to dramatically illustrate the impact a man’s choice of undergarment can have on his body.


Funny but not resorting to jokes that go too far…er, below the belt, The Boys take Fruit of the Loom’s idea of anthropomorphized mascots to a whole other level. As I’ve said before, it’s like Inside Out for a dude’s crotch. Created by agency Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, The Boys are back for a third time, here to let us know the horrific consequences of a simple bike ride.

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne creative director Rich Williams says that Bonds just wanted an idea that got guys talking about their underwear while having a beer at the pub. Turns out, dudes never really change their underwear, even if they’re old, ill fitting, and riddled with holes.

“When we got the brief we realized that, sure blokes don’t talk much about undies, but balls, we’re constantly talking about,” says Williams. “In fact, once we’ve stopped talking about sport the conversation generally turns to our balls. Sweaty, itchy, squashed, bald, weird balls. So we made the not-so-large leap that the best way to get men to talk about their undies was through their tackle.”

The idea was to point out that your “Boys” are fundamentally flawed from a design point of view–vulnerable, exposed, and awkward–so any garment that can house those man plums in absolute comfort is a good thing.

Casting testicles can be a delicate matter, and Williams said the agency knew they needed to find just the right pair. “We realized that performance was everything in these spots so we knew we had to get some funny guys,” he says. “We had worked with Tim before and knew how good he was and then we latched on to Kai because of the chemistry that existed between the two of them. They were the perfect testicles.”

But what was the consumer insight behind The Boys? “Well, firstly we only had a small media budget so we knew we needed to do something a little different for blokes to share,” says Williams. “And secondly, they were two giant talking testicles, so what could possibly go wrong?”

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