Danny McBride’s Southern Comfort Club Jam Will Burn A Hole In Your Brain

A long time ago in an advertising galaxy far, far away, a certain deodorant brand found a way to burrow its name deep into the recesses of people’s minds. So deep, in fact, that many didn’t even know it was there. Until, of course, it was time to buy deodorant. Then you’d be wandering down the body smells aisle of your local pharmacy when it would hit you like a hypnotist’s trigger word set to a jingle. “By Mennen.”

Now Southern Comfort and agency Wieden+Kennedy New York have recruited Danny McBride and the Detroit Grand Pubahs to create a song that will pull a Speed Stick on your brain at the bar. But instead of a jingle, it’s a three-minute dance track music video directed by Eastbound & Down co-creator Jody Hill, that sits somewhere between a Jetman Dubai promo, Taiwan animation, and complete insanity.

In a statement, McBride said “I’m a huge fan of Southern Comfort! It’s been my go-to for years.”

So the next time a bartender asks what you’re having, don’t be surprised if this song miraculously comes to mind. Hey, it worked for Costanza.