5 Great Free Apps To Make You A Better Boss

Get organized, take care of business, give dynamite presentations, and more.

El Jefe. Head Honcho. Fearless Leader. Those are all nicknames for you, my friend.


With great power comes great responsibility (and cool nicknames). Make sure you’re inspiring and motivating your team on a daily basis. Here are five free apps to help you along the way.

1. Get Yourself Organized

Your schedule is always tight, so make sure you don’t get double-booked. Planner (Android, iOS) is based on the tried-and-true Franklin Covey paper planners from years past, but in electronic form, with events, tasks, notes, and more at your disposal. You can add multiday events for big planning sessions, and your tasks can have their own subtasks. Adding notes is a snap as well, and notes can be viewed by day or by month in the free version.

2. Help Your Team Get Things Done

You may be the boss, but you still like to get your hands dirty. Try KanbanFlow (Web) to keep track of what everybody’s working on–including you! Visualize all your company’s projects on a streamlined dashboard, with status updates appearing in real time. You can subdivide projects into smaller chunks to pluck off one at a time, and leverage Pomodoro time tracking and document uploads as you build your empire.

3. Take Care Of Business

Odoo (Web) is an open-source, one-stop shop for your business. Host community forums, handle accounting, manage timesheets, use CRM and sales tools, and handle human resources all in one easy-to-use package. If you sell physical products, you can use Odoo to manage your inventory as well, including e-commerce and point-of-sale features. Round things out in the marketing department with Odoo’s website builder, email blasts, and a slew of other features. You’ve got a lot going on, and this is a nice tool for keeping it all under one roof.

4. Host Simple, Free Conference Calls

Try UberConference (Android, iOS, Web) for dead-simple yet powerful conference calls. The free version lets you include up to 10 participants on each call, including screen sharing, high-quality audio, and call recording. Conferences can be accessed via mobile apps or the web with no limit on the number of conferences you can host.

5. Give Dynamite Presentations

Google Slides (Android, iOS, Web) is easy to use, free, and lets you collaborate with others at the same time. While you’re online, your presentations are saved to the cloud with each change you make, but Slides also works in offline mode. You can import, edit, and save PowerPoint presentations as well.