• 11.18.15

Mark Bittman’s “Fast Company” Column Starts Today

The best-selling author and Emmy award-winning TV personality is writing about his startup experiences exclusively for Fast Company.

The influence of cookbook authors often begins and ends with the quality of their recipes. Not so for Mark Bittman. Granted, his best-selling How to Cook Everything is a staple for home foodies (my own oil-stained copy is a testament to its endurance). And his TV series have won Emmys. But Bittman’s influence reaches beyond the tablespoon. He has changed the way Americans think about personal health and their relationship with not just the kinds of food they eat, but where that food came from and how it got to the table.

Mark BittmanPhoto: Eric Tanner

This combination of curiosity and the desire to change the world are two ingredients shared by many successful entrepreneurs. And that’s why we weren’t too surprised when Bittman announced that he was going to take his skills to the startup world by becoming the chief innovation officer for Purple Carrot, a meal kit delivery service for vegans. But don’t worry, he’s going to continue writing too: Starting today, he’ll pen a twice-monthly column about his experiences, which will appear exclusively on Fast Company.

“I had not seen an honest account of going through the startup process, an as-it-happens story,” says Bittman. “And really, I wanted to write about it for myself. But as a journalist–well, we don’t write things for ourselves. We publish. And as I thought about where to publish this, Fast Company was the clear choice. Fortunately, they felt the same.”

Follow along, it might just be good for you.

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