• 11.16.15

Watch Justin Bieber’s New 13-Track Video Playlist “Purpose: The Movement”

The pop star’s latest marketing effort features every song off his new album.

Considering that singles are the dominant song form in pop music, it’s intriguing to to see how much of the marketing around Justin Bieber’s new album revolves around the entire album. Not long ago, the pop star commissioned artists around the globe to create original works for each song on Purpose, and now comes a video playlist featuring a video not just for the singles, but every track.


It’s like Bieber has completely bought in to the Netflix model of binge watching and applied it to music videos.

The playlist is just the latest in the full court marketing press behind the Biebs new record release, which came out November 13th. Bieber also teamed up with Lyft to give riders a chance get $5 off their ride and maybe even share a car with him.

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