Watch a Fake ESPN “30 For 30” That Treats “Rocky IV” As Historical Fact

Revisionist history has been a fun genre of Internet video lately. It’s how we learned that maybe Daniel-san was the true bully of The Karate Kid, and not the Cobra Kai. A new video, however, is revising actual history by meshing it with the cinematic version–and using a familiar format to do so.

The latest video from the team at CollegeHumor takes a deep look into the events of Rocky IV, in the style of ESPN’s Emmy-nominated 30 for 30 documentary series.

Just in time for the forthcoming release of Creed, in which a jacked Michael B. Jordan takes over the mantle made famous by Carl Weathers, “If Rocky 4 Happened For Real” shows how Rocky Balboa’s defeat of Ivan Drago, aka The Siberian Express, helped defuse the Cold War.

Scenes from Rocky IV have already been the subject of parody many times over. But employing ESPN’s distinct 30 for 30 style to broaden out to the bigger picture adds a new wrinkle. What helps it succeed is that it plays the format so straight, using actual experts like boxing commentator Max Kellerman, rather than improv actors. Best of all is the prospect that this video could usher in an entire series of 30 for 30s that culminates in a feature on how the Texas State University Fightin’ Armadillos from Necessary Roughness changed the face of college sports forever.

[via AV Club]JB