• 11.16.15

How To Make A Campari Cocktail Upside-Down (And Drink It)

If trying to solve brainteasers makes you want a drink, consider this a two-fer.

Imagine walking into a room in which a cocktail sits upside down on a plain white table. With only a handful of tools and a big block of ice, how do you pick up the glass without spilling the drink? That’s the premise of three new one-minute spots from Italian liqueur Campari, from Lernert & Sander (along with Tokyo-based Mori Inc.), all of which are airing in Japan.


When you hear “Japanese ads,” you might have a certain aesthetic in mind, but these spots are simple, classy, and weird–it’s all jazz, red dresses, and three-piece suits here, as the lady has to devise clever ways of getting her drink (a Campari Soda, a Campari Shakerato, and a Negroni) from upside-down to right-side-up without spilling a drop.

Some of the solutions are obvious (steady the glass, then flip the table) and some of them are, er, a little more whimsical (cut a glass-shaped hole in a giant block of ice, place it over the glass to freeze the drink, then flip the glass and thaw it with a hair-dryer)–but all of the spots capture a classy, restrained vibe that makes Campari seem like the drink of the clever and refined.

At the very least, the recipes at the end of each spot mean that we can all learn something from the ads, and how many liquor campaigns can you say that about?

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