Virgin America Takes Google Street View Flying With “Seat View”

Are you the type who reads the end of the book first? Actually like movie trailers that give away the plot? Needs to see the food before ordering? If so, Virgin America has just helped your air travel experience align with the rest of your no surprises lifestyle.

“Seat View,” created by agency Eleven using Google Street View tech, allows you to check out the seats on your plane ahead of your trip. It’s a fun gimmick, but too bad it can’t predict if the dude in front of you will be reclining the seat so his head is practically in your lap.

Of course, the point isn’t to get a look at the view per se. Abby Lunardini, vice president of brand marketing and communications at Virgin America says the campaign is about transparency, to showcase the consistency of its product and service.

“Most airlines promote new products and services that may in reality only be available on a small portion of their fleet,” says Lunardini. “So travelers may see a flashy looking product in an advertisement, only to board their flight from Newark to California to discover they’re now stuck eating peanuts and staring at a 1980s era cloth seatback for the next five and a half hours.”JB