See What The World Of Art Looks Like, Gluten-Free

A recent memorable art series brought figures from old school paintings into our weird modern world. There’s a new Tumblr, however, that’s devoted to bringing one aspect of contemporary society back into the art of the past: the obsession with eradicating gluten.

French graphic artist Arthur Coulet recently unveiled a Tumblr called the Gluten-Free Museum that puts a twist on classic paintings and other artworks that some people describe as “healthy.” The bandwagon aspect of people without celiac disease ditching yeasty delights in the name of the next food craze has been the subject of jokes in movies and shows for years now. With this project, however, Coulet shows how unnatural it looks to remove this crucial dietary component from the history of how humans are depicted–not just in still life paintings of baguettes or whatever, but in everyday scenes of home and hearth.

Have a look through more images in the slides above, and be ready to show your aunt who just freed herself from the supposed prison of gluten when you see her not eating cornbread this Thanksgiving.

[via Bored Panda]JB