• 11.13.15

Here’s Every Easter Egg And Bond Film Reference In “Spectre”

This video reveals every reference to other James Bond films hidden in Spectre, and there are plenty.

After a heavy-but-not-quite-Star-Warsian buildup, the latest and perhaps final Daniel Craig James Bond movie landed in theaters last weekend. The general consensus? It’s pretty okay! Definitely not one of the bad ones! One of the complaints about Spectre is that it’s perhaps a bit too familiar. While that opinion may sound subjective, what can’t be disputed is that this movie is chockablock with references to pretty much every other Bond movie, both obvious and for superfans only.


“Every Easter Egg & Reference in Spectre is a new video that takes less Bond-savvy viewers up to speed, and confirms what the true Bond-heads already knew. Created by YouTuber Mr. Sunday Movies, who recently revealed all the dinosaur eggs in Jurassic World, it’s a spoiler-iffic deep dive down a movie that pays near-constant tribute to the world of Ian Fleming. If the white dinner jacket with red carnation combo doesn’t look familiar, the silent and seemingly invincible henchvillain will. Basically, it appears that the new movie is the Daniel Craig team’s way of doing donuts all over the James Bond legacy by way of appreciation.

[via AV Club]

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