After Getting Shafted With a Lemon Jeep, This Guy Fought Back With a Funny Music Video

Words are weapons. Even in the form of a goofy song.

When a man named Teg Sethi recently spent $60,000 on a Jeep Grand Cherokee that immediately broke down, he was not compensated by the dealership from which he’d bought it. So he decided to fight back the only way he knew how: with an autotuned Jason Derulo-lite revenge-jam.

“This is a true story of my experience dealing with a multinational corporation,” Sethi says during the intro to the music video, during which his child is strapped to his chest holding up a lemon. For the rest of the surprisingly catchy song, he relays the story of his ill-fated purchase, and describes Jeeps, over and over again, as lemons–sometimes with a guy in lemon dancing nearby.

“This car is giving me anxiety,” he sings, “I must’ve bought a type of citrus variety.”

Hell hath no fury like a consumer scorned.

[via Viral Viral Videos]