OWN Co-Presidents Sheri Salata And Erik Logan Answer Your Twitter Questions

It’s a question that guides the team at The Oprah Winfrey Network through any tough decision. Building as successful an empire as Oprah Winfrey has done starts with hiring the right people and then, most importantly, trusting them to do their job–and there’s probably no one Oprah trusts more to carry out her vision than OWN co-presidents Sheri Salata and Erik Logan.

During Salata and Logan’s panel at Fast Company’s Innovation Festival, Twitter user @tmtweetz tweeted the question, “When you have a heavy-hitter like @Oprah that’s one heckuva safety net. Is it difficult to know when and when not to wield that power?”

And apparently the saying is true, that with great power comes great responsibility–especially when you’re representing Oprah.