With BuzzFeed’s New QuizChat App, You Can Take Quizzes With Your BFFs

QuizChat, which lets friends fill out quizzes in tandem, is an extension of BuzzFeed‘s tried-and-true formula.

As Fast Company wrote last month, BuzzFeed recently announced that it now boasts 5 billion monthly content views across its site, apps, and many social channels—a staggering number that can largely be attributed to BuzzFeed‘s dominance on platforms like Snapchat and Facebook.


This year, to better target the mixed bag of consumers who flock to BuzzFeed in its many forms, the media giant has churned out two new native apps: the BuzzFeed News app for news junkies, and Cute or Not for people who fawn over their pets.

BuzzFeed‘s latest entry, QuizChat, should appeal to another wide swath of its audience: those who can’t get enough of the company’s signature quizzes. “BuzzFeed is so many different things to so many different people,” BuzzFeed spokesperson Christina DiRusso tells Fast Company. “We know people experience BuzzFeed in different ways. The website is an a la carte menu, and our apps are more specific experiences,” she says.

QuizChat, an app that lets friends play quizzes together and get customized results, aligns with the company’s overarching app strategy, that aims to cater to a wide ranging audience that consumes its content on a number of platforms. This is the second release from BuzzFeed‘s experimental apps team, which was formed in February and previously created Cute or Not.

The new app is “a collaboration between our experimental apps team on the tech side and our editorial quiz lab,” BuzzFeed engineering head James Burns tells Fast Company. “We were really interested in thinking about ways in which we can create unique experiences that are only possible within an app. We saw an opportunity with quizzes, since it’s some of the most frequently shared content.”

QuizChat’s airy offerings range from “Who’s the Kendall and who’s the Kylie?” to “Which of us is more Type A?” and even “Which of us should hook up with Drake?” Since the quizzes are meant to be taken in tandem with another person, each quiz requires you to shoot a text or Facebook message to a friend–who also has to take the quiz–before you can get your results. This feature also sets the quizzes apart from the existing fare on the site, which doesn’t allow for the same personalized experience.

The idea behind QuizChat is simple: BuzzFeed found that people were increasingly sharing quizzes and their results with individual friends, rather than through “broadcast sharing” on platforms like Facebook, Burns says. He also noted that QuizChat was built to be accessible through apps that people regularly use to communicate with friends. “This is also an experiment in how apps don’t necessarily have to be destinations in and of themselves,” he says. “One thing we’re doing is making it possible for most users to come to [QuizChat] from apps they already have, so we don’t necessarily have to build a new habit of them opening the app.”


BuzzFeed‘s superfans must be lapping up its native apps, given that the company has already lined up its next app experience: According to Burns, BuzzFeed is currently working on a video app, which should launch early next year.

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Pavithra Mohan is an assistant editor for Fast Company Digital. Her writing has previously been featured in Gizmodo and Popular Science magazine.