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President Frank Underwood Addressed The People Of China–About Alibaba’s Deals

The fictional House of Cards president celebrates a Chinese shopping holiday.

President Frank Underwood Addressed The People Of China–About Alibaba’s Deals

Frank Underwood’s rise to political power has been chronicled over three seasons of Netflix’s House of Cards, while the rise of the Chinese online shopping powerhouse Alibaba, meanwhile, has been slightly less well-documented, at least on these shores. Nevertheless, it makes a certain amount of sense that the globally powerful entities would choose to join forces.

As part of a 24-hour variety show Alibaba put on to celebrate the brand-created Chinese holiday “Singles Day,” which the e-commerce giant treats like an international version of Black Friday, Spacey donned his suit and Southern accent to announce the bargains. He chews the same sort of scenery that he does on the show itself–delivering lines like “while you’re at it, why not see if they’re selling a replica of my class ring from the Sentinel?” and “Whenever I go shopping, I have to dress up so I’m not recognized,” before donning a familiar glasses/hat/trenchcoat combination from House of Cards‘ second season. Not only does Netflix loaning out Frank Underwood to Alibaba suggests that the show’s soap opera take on American politics translates across all borders, it’s also a reminder of how much Spacey enjoys rolling out his Underwood persona for brands.

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