• 11.11.15

Office Depot Just Made Your Office Secret Santa Much Easier

The brand’s new “Co-Worker Collection” serves up the perfect gifts for every workplace quirk.

Office Depot Just Made Your Office Secret Santa Much Easier

Anyone who has ever had to come up with a gift for Secret Santa knows that holiday gift giving at the office is a big thing. According to an online survey conducted by APCO Insight for Office Depot earlier this fall, 85% of co-workers enjoying exchanging presents with their workmates, and 25% intend to purchase a playful, funny gift this year.


Enter the Co-Worker Collection from Office Depot and OfficeMax, created by agency McCann New York.

“The idea was to take items that Office Depot and OfficeMax already sells and reframe them as the perfect gifts for the people you work with,” says Tom Murphy, McCann New York’s co-chief creative officer.

The everyday items are repositioned as funny but practical gifts matched to fit the workplace quirk—and we all have one—of the person who is on the receiving end. The collection includes “Keep Your Music to Yourself” headphones for the office mate who blasts death metal at his desk, the “Stop Stealing All My Pens” pack of pens for the co-worker who borrows too many pens, the “No Longer Avoids Shaking Hands” hand sanitizer for the germaphobe in the office, and the “You’re Not Fooling Anyone” screen guard for the colleague who spends a lot of time at work on Facebook or online shoe shopping.

“The team had a lot of fun generating our co-worker types, I think because they are so universal. Everyone knows these people,” says Murphy, who cops to being a notorious pen stealer and also a bit of a germaphobe.

And, yes, there’s a label maker too—cleverly billed as the “We Get It, It’s Yours” label maker.

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