5 Great Free Apps To Use The Moment You Wake Up

Tackle email, scheduling, news, commutes, and more.

Nowadays, you can get a lot done before you’re even vertical in the morning. Here are a handful of apps to thumb through while you’re shaking off sleep and getting ready to start your day.


1. Douse Those Overnight Fires

You sleep. The rest of the world doesn’t. Ergo, you’ll have a virtual truckload of email waiting for you. CloudMagic (Android, iOS) makes short work of it, piping into just about any mail service and featuring an interface built to get things done. It’s a useful tool first thing in the morning, letting you save messages as actionable items to services such as Evernote, OneNote,, Instapaper, and a bunch of other apps.

2. Shore Up Your Schedule

If you use Google Calendar, CalenMob (Android, iOS) hooks into it and serves as not only a fresh coat of paint, but as a feature-filled upgrade to existing functionality. There are a handful of useful views to choose from, offline caching, multiple reminder options, and several other extras. Event creation is a snap as well.

3. Find The Forecast

Sometimes you just want the weather without a million other features. In that case, Yahoo Weather (Android, iOS) is an easy recommendation. The app itself is beautiful, pulling in condition-based photos from Yahoo’s Flickr photo service and sporting a quick top-to-bottom scroll that covers current conditions, the hourly forecast, multiday forecasts, maps, and a few other items. Not too much, not too little, and all housed within a slick interface.

4. Get Caught Up

You can’t lay in bed all morning reading news, but you can get a good sense of what’s going on in a minute or two. SmartNews (Android, iOS) crushes through millions of articles from popular publishers and bubbles the most talked-about ones to the front of the line. Articles are preloaded for instant access and work offline in order to keep things moving along quickly.

5. Corner Your Commute

The Weather Channel’s Commuter Forecast (Web) is a dead-simple Google Maps wrapper that lets you see how long you’ll be stuck in traffic. Enter your starting and ending points, your departure time, and whether you want to avoid highways or toll roads, and you’ll get a view showing the quickest route and how long it’ll take, along with alternate routes.