A Pixar Classic Just Keeps Swimming In The First Trailer For “Finding Dory”

“I’m sure this is a one-time thing,” Albert Brooks’s Garfield-colored clownfish, Marlin, says about the prospect of his friend Dory sleepswimming again. Judging from the fact that he says so in a preview for the sequel to a Pixar classic about finding his son, Nemo, and that this sequel is called Finding Dory, he is likely to be proved wrong.

The first trailer for the new film appeared this morning on Ellen DeGeneres’s YouTube page. The entertainer, who famously voices Dory, just may have had the inside track in landing this coup. Not much is revealed about Finding Dory, the long-gestating sequel to 2003’s Finding Nemo, only that our old pals are back and about to have a new adventure. In fact, the trailer doesn’t even trade in on the stellar voice cast in the film, which IMDB lists as including Ed O’Neill, Idris Elba, and Diane Keaton, in addition to the talent from the first film.

Of course, this trailer does not have to do that, or show any more footage than appears right now. There’s a built-in audience for all Pixar movies already, but coming off the monster hit Inside Out, which similarly made viewers cry-laugh an ocean’s worth of chuckle-tears, Finding Dory is poised to hit the June 2016 box office like a tidal wave.