Research Firm CB Insights Launches A Bot For Introductions

Research Firm CB Insights Launches A Bot For Introductions
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Clients of tech business analysis firm CB Insights have a new product to play with–an AI-driven email bot that introduces them to other CB clients based on machine learning. Ava is a new product that the company’s cofounder, Anand Sanwal, calls an “AI-driven networking assistant.”

In a blog post, Sanwal said the idea of Ava is to make fruitful introductions among its clients based on a social graph, which then suggests both parties might have mutual interests:

Ava uses a number of signals—from board relationships and recent acquisitions to press releases and blog posts—about an individual and their firm to build a professional interest graph for each individual. It then looks for others who have similar interests and then makes introductions.

CB Insights made the Ava announcement shortly after going public about a $10 million funding round and another upcoming product–a predictive analytics tool for sales teams based on the company’s proprietary data. The company, which has about 325 customers, including Cisco, Gartner, and Microsoft, among others, has been working on the project for the last year and will roll it out to users over the next few weeks.

Email and communications bots have been a growth area for startups as of late; Slack recently unveiled several new bots, and new firm Clara organizes meetings for users from their inboxes.

Sandwal, in an email to Fast Company, said:

We’ve been fascinated with the idea of an Instant Bloomberg for the global private markets for a while, and that is what led to Ava. The idea of introducing our clients to their future professional network and then those introductions ultimately resulting in deals & commerce is something we’re very excited about. At scale, it will make the private markets much more efficient.

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