See Historical Painting Figures Blended Seamlessly Into Modern Photo Settings

The main element that would change if Renaissance artists had painted their subjects in modern times is that those subjects would be checking their phones in every single painting. A new mashup series, however, suggests a more subtle approach to bringing classic works of art into a contemporary context.

Ukraine-based artist Alexey Kondakov’s series “Art History in Contemporary Life” juxtaposes painted figures from art history with photographic backgrounds from the modern world. We’ve seen images that reimagine celebrities as Renaissance figures, but this project takes the opposite tact: celebrating centuries-old work with a circa: now twist. Through the use of Photoshop, Kondakov transports the porcelain-skinned subjects from paintings like Caravaggio’s David and Golliath into everyday spaces like a Kiev subway, a bodega, or the inside of a decrepit stairwell. The mixed mediums here give the work an air of unreality, somehow both grand and sweeping in tone, and depressingly banal.

Have a look through more of the images in the slides above.

[via Design Boom]