• 11.06.15

Watch A Sped-Up Version Of The Rube Goldberg Machine That Took 6 Weeks To Execute

Good things come to those who wait, but luckily you don’t have to wait the full six weeks to see this super-slow machine in action.

If he’d used this Rube Goldberg contraption instead of his own, Pee Wee Herman would’ve starved to death before he ever got his breakfast.


Previously, we’ve seen such machines created with office equipment, dogs, and apparently without gravity, but the latest innovation of the form shows us something we’ve never seen before in a Rube Goldberg variation: near-immobility.

YouTube channel Field Day teamed up with inventor/filmmaker Bob Partington to create Rube Slowberg: a domino effect device that took over six weeks to execute. It has all the accoutrements we’ve come to expect from regular efforts, only with occasional bouts of molasses slides and obstacles that require the melting of popsicles. Luckily for you, dear ADD-addled reader, it won’t take six weeks to watch the machine play out, as Partington has sped it up to run in a trim two minutes. Perhaps next up, we’ll see another beloved genre of internet video, the animal-based GoPro video, stretched out to absurd, absorbing lengths. One can hope.

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