From Boozy Creativity To The Future Of Work: This Week’s Top Leadership Stories

This week, we learned what trends are reshaping workplaces into 2016, what’s on the most successful people’s reading lists, and how alcohol influences creativity.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership for the week of October 26.

1. Six Ways Work Will Change In 2016

No matter how quickly technology evolves and markets shift, most workplaces tend not to totally reinvent themselves every 12 months–and that’s probably a good thing. Still, there are some trends under way right now that seem poised to continue to expand throughout next year. Here’s a look at the forecast.

2. Here’s What The Most Successful People Read And Why

Contently CEO Shane Snow says he’s noticed a pattern among other business leaders’ bookshelves: They’re stacked with biographies and autobiographies. Here’s a look at how immersing ourselves in other peoples’ experiences can be a powerful method of self-education.

3. How The Internet Of Things Is Changing Work

The Internet of Things is already impacting how companies do business, even if it hasn’t yet made a noticeable impact on most of our day-to-day jobs. This week we learned why–and in what ways–IoT experts expect that to change sooner than you may think.

4. What The Top CEOs Have In Common

It’s easy to claim anecdotally that the most successful CEOs share certain attributes, but this week we quantified them. A recent analysis by JobApplicationCenter charts top CEOs’ similarities, from the ages they launched their careers to the industries where they got started.

5. Four Surprising Factors That Influence Creativity

Sure, you might feel more creative and insightful when you’re tipsy, but are you really? Yes, say some psychologists, who’ve recently traced a positive correlation between the effects of alcohol (up to a certain limit) and creative thinking. Here’s a look at those findings plus three other surprising activities that can get your creative juices flowing.