Beyond “Boo Berry”: Imagining Other Horror Movie Villains As Cereal Killers

When General Mills introduced its line of monster-themed cereals in the 1970s, it stuck with the basics. Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and, to a lesser extent, Fruit Yummy Mummy, brought classic Universal Studios villains to many a child’s bowl. Whoever said they needed to stop there, though, left a lot of money on the breakfast table.

So many other horror movie villains are fiendishly screaming out for the cereal box treatment, with executives apparently too fearful to heed their cries. Although we may never find out what a flake based on the likeness of Freddy Krueger actually tastes like, one artist has speculated on how it might look. Minnesota-based Kate Willaert recently created a series of images that conceptualizes a wide range of horror movie bodies in the style of Boo Berry and its ilk. Freddy, Pinhead, and even the Xenomorph from Alien have turned into sugar-engorged nourishment in this project–hypothetically allowing children to abolish them in sort of a reverse communion way.

The illustrations were originally made for, in celebration of a holiday that already feels like it happened six weeks ago, but murderous breakfast mascots never go out of season. Have a look at more images from the series in the slides above.

[via Geekologie]