Ryan Reynolds Just Released a “Deadpool” Video About How Our Hero Spent Halloween

Because 20th Century Fox owns the film rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four, those characters have had a contentious time mixing it up in other Marvel movies. Because Fox also owns the rights to Deadpool, however, the studio was able to green-light a delightful new video that has Ryan Reynolds’s costume-clad hero berating a pint-size team of X-Men on Halloween.

The amateur-style video was just released on Reynolds’s YouTube page, building on all the hype a recent trailer generated for the February 2016 Deadpool debut. In it, our fast-talking hero seeks to assemble a super-squad on All Hallow’s Eve, but all he can manage to cobble together are Wolverine-worshipping trick-or-treaters. Like everything else we’ve seen involving this film so far, the video takes a winking, R-rated tact toward superheroes, and distinguishes itself with humor that’s actually funny. Here’s hoping the eventual film follows (spandex) suit.

Watch the full video below: