Ikea’s Awesome New Kids Toys Look Like They Were Designed By Kids (Because They Were)

Have you ever looked at an adorable-yet-incompetent drawing made by a child and thought, “Now wait a minute–that would make an amazing plush toy?” No, neither have I, which is why neither of us has a job at Ikea coming up with awesome new product designs.

Here you see the results of a competition to design Ikea’s Soft Toys For Education 2015, a program the Swedish behemoth has been running with UNICEF since 2003. For each soft toy sold, one dollar (or one Euro) is donated to UNICEF’s Right to Play projects in Uganda and Angola, with €67 million ($74 million) donated so far.

This year’s toys are made in accordance with the designs submitted by kids. The 10 winners, from kids aged 4 to 10 years old, are now on sale for $5 each, with a set of all 10, in miniature, for just a dollar. The kids’ drawings have been rendered pretty faithfully in plush polyester, with even the wonky lines and uneven eyes left intact.

The Sagoskatt range, as it’s called, appears right alongside the rest of Ikea’s plush toys and is frankly the best thing in there. Who would want a lame old Livlig husky, or Snuttig polar bear when they could have a pink chicken (yes, apparently it’s a chicken) with a really long neck, or an unimpressed dinosaur, or a cat that looks like a cross between Jabba the Hutt and Pepé Le Pew?

Nobody, that’s who.