• 11.04.15

“Suffragette” Star Carey Mulligan Leads Campaign For Equal Rights For Women

A new Focus Features initiative shows the fight for gender equality is far from over.

“Suffragette” Star Carey Mulligan Leads Campaign For Equal Rights For Women

Equal rights for women may be prominent on the current news agenda, and, while much has improved in the past century, shocking disparities still remain.


To support the recent release of the movie Suffragette, the film’s distributor, Focus Features, is running a campaign to draw attention to the amount of work yet to be done. Suffragette follows the stories of British women who fought for the right to vote 100 years ago, and the aim of the campaign is to show that there are still terrible injustices occurring today.

The drive centers on a short film showing a series of girls aged between seven and 14, each holding two placards, one with the date 1915 on it and the other with 2015. Each recites a jarring gender equality-related statistic and is asked to choose which year she thinks the statistic is from. Examples include “Seventy-five million girls under 14 are child laborers,” “Women make up 70% of the population living on a dollar a day,” and “Sixty-two million girls don’t get to go to school.”

One girl is asked choose whether the fact “Two out of every three people who can’t read or write are women” is true of 1915 or 2015. Like all her counterparts in the video, she opts for 1915, saying, “I feel like it’s 1915 because now we educate everyone.” Like all the others, she’s wrong.

The overall message is: “We cannot wait a hundred years, we have to change today so our daughters can have a better tomorrow.” The spot, created by ad agency Zambezi, is entitled “Daughters,” and the wider initiative carries the hashtag #HopeForOurDaughters.

Suffragette star Carey Mulligan makes an appearance at the end of the video delivering a call to action for people to join the fight for equality by taking a photo of themselves holding up a sign with their hopes for the future. Another of the film’s stars, Meryl Streep, is also seen taking part. For every picture posted on Instagram using the hashtag, Focus Features will donate a dollar to the NGO Equality Now.

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