• 11.03.15

This Jokey “Nathan For You” Project Just Raised $45K For Holocaust Awareness

Nathan Fielder’s hilarious show is doing well by doing good. Everybody wins.

This Jokey “Nathan For You” Project Just Raised $45K For Holocaust Awareness
[Photo: courtesy of Comedy Central]

Most entertainers would probably be happy just by having the funniest show on television right now. For Nathan Fielder, however, that’s not enough. Apparently, the creator and star of Comedy Central’s marketing satire and then some, Nathan for You, is into philanthropic outreach too.


The idea of the show is that Fielder offers his admittedly limited marketing expertise, and the cachet of being on a TV show, to help struggling businesses soar. Earlier this year, a Chinese restaurant seemingly emulated one of Nathan for You‘s doomed business ideas, for instance, by allowing attractive customers to eat for free. Sometimes, however, Fielder implements ideas that involve creating whole new businesses from scratch—perhaps most famously with the Dumb Starbucks incident. On a recent episode of the show’s stellar third season, Fielder introduced a business idea that sounds like a joke on paper, but has been seriously beneficial.

In the episode entitled “Horseback Riding/Man Zone,” Fielder discovered that his favorite jacket company supported a Holocaust denier, and responded by starting a clothing brand called Summit Ice that’s very upfront about the existence of the Holocaust. (“Deny Nothing,” reads the tagline, brilliantly.) Fresh off Fielder’s recent visit to Conan to talk about the project, in his signature deadpan, Entertainment Weekly reports that sales of Summit Ice jackets have already climbed past $45,000, with the proceeds going to the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre. I guess not all of his business ideas are so doomed after all.

Fine, Fielder, you’re better than everyone else. Now knock it off! (Never knock it off, please.)

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