There Are High-Fashion “Star Wars” Heels Now, Because Of Course There Are

At this point, it takes a lot for Star Wars-branded crap to surprise us. You can get Star Wars-themed soup at Walmart, or a high-end Millennium Falcon bed for your kid at Pottery Barn. You can get a perfect replica lightsaber online, or tuck yourself into the replica belly of a Tauntaun at night in a sleeping bag. Your morning waffles can come out looking like the Death Star, and your ice cubes can resemble Han Solo as he’s frozen in carbonite. So when we say, “Whoa, didn’t see this piece of Star Wars-themed merchandise coming,” trust us: We know what we’re talking about.

With that said: We didn’t see this piece of Star Wars-themed merchandise coming. Here are some high-fashion Star Wars-themed shoes for ladies–high heels, flats, boots, all available in a way that pays tribute to the menace of Darth Vader, the wisdom of Yoda, the love of Han and Leia, the courage of R2-D2 and C-3P0, or the swiftness of the Millennium Falcon.

The shoes, from U.K. footwear specialists Irregular Choice, aren’t cheap–the C-3P0 and Darth Vader flats (which are both currently sold out) start at £110.00, and the prices only go up from there as you approach the Chewbacca boots (£165.00), Skywalker heels (£210.00), and Death Star ankle boots (£275.00). That’d buy a lot of cans of Star Wars soup. Still, when it comes to finding a truly novel way to spend your money on Star Wars-themed merchandise, is any price really too high?