See “Heartbreak Lane” And More of Earth’s Saddest Places On This Google Maps-Based Instagram Account

A rose by any other name just might smell as sweet, indeed, but people wouldn’t exactly be lining up to get their nostrils near an identical flower called the stinkbud. Similarly, the names of certain locations can make them inherently foreboding, no matter how pleasant they truly are–and a new Instagram account has been collecting enough of them to populate what sounds like the worst road trip of all time.

@SadTopographies is your final destination on a journey to find out the most forlorn municipalities in the world. Its creator has filled each frame with Google Maps screenshots of places like Purgatory Pond, Broken Heart Lane, and, sigh, Gloomy Lake. Observing so many of these raises just a litany of questions. First of all, what was the person who named each of these places going through at the time? Obviously a divorce but also the plague, maybe? What were the other options these folks decided were too harsh before landing on Dog Slaughter Falls? Does living in such a place have an impact on the happiness of your dog? If so, that would perhaps explain why things got so scary out on Cape Fear. But we digress.

Have a look at more images from the series in the slides above.

[via Visual News]