Forget Beast Mode, Epic New “Call Of Duty” Ad Celebrates The Everyday Badass

Call of Duty has a long, funny, entertaining history of celebrating the action and adventure prowess of everyday people. It started years ago with regular Joes kicking ass on the battlefield with celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel and Kobe Bryant to The Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter,” has given us advertising gold with Jonah Hill as everyone’s favorite n00b, showed us the dream of being CoDnapped, and more. Now we meet Kevin.

In the new spot, created by agency 72andSunny, Kevin’s just an everyday badass, who slays all Call of Duty competition–this time to the Stones’ “Paint It Black”–with style, grace, composure, and sometimes a (probably Carl’s Jr.) sandwich. Even Marshawn Lynch can’t reach Kevin’s level of badassery. As Michael B. Jordan lets us know, everything’s coming up Kevin…until Cara Delevingne drops in.

72andSunny partner and Chief Strategy Officer Matt Jarvis says “Seize Glory” plays on the insight that in this game anyone from n00b to pro can be king for a moment. “We chose Cara, Michael, and Marshawn because they’re all core Call of Duty players and show how Call of Duty touches so many aspects of culture,” says Jarvis.

Given all the success of past CoD spots, you’d think the prospect of making another one might be as intimidating as facing down Kevin in a dark alley. “The number one challenge on Call of Duty is always honoring the passion that people have for this brand,” says Jarvis. “There’s nothing else like it in gaming. The game keeps upping the ante, so it’s on us as marketers to represent the energy and excitement of the new title.”