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Big Data Trashes New York Ad Agency Offices For A New Video

Every cubicle dweller’s dream gets an electro-pop soundtrack.

Big Data Trashes New York Ad Agency Offices For A New Video

When ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi New York was planning a recent office remodeling, they wanted to find a creative way to tear down the old look. So they invited electro popster Big Data to perform the demolition by way of a video shoot for the song “Clean (feat. Jamie Lidell),” off the album 2.0 that was released in March. The result is a Fight Club-meets-Office Space-style corporate catharsis that stylishly documents the agency’s redecoration.

Saatchi and Saatchi New York Executive Creative Directors A. Chris Moreira and Mark Schöller said the idea came about when they saw one of the floors being totally demolished and thought, why not try to find a story within all this destruction? “We agreed early on that a music video would allow us the most freedom to do that justice,” Moreira and Mark Schöller tell Co.Create, in an email. “And from there we landed on a simple concept–what if someone came to work and had the worst day ever? We then worked with Bill and Alan (Big Data) and refined the concept to what we ended up with.”

Big Data’s Alan Wilkis loved the idea. “First and foremost, who could resist a chance to break lots of walls and office furniture with a sledgehammer?” says Wilkis. “And secondly, it played nicely with the concept I’ve always had of ‘Big Data’ being this evil corporate powerhouse. Their storyline gives us a little window into what daily office life might be like at the evil ‘Big Data’ Corp.’ It was a pleasure working with Saatchi, they had lots of ideas right off the bat, and any time I had a way to Big-Data-ize their story a bit more, they were totally receptive.”

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