PayPal Asks: Is It Possible To Go From One End Of The Earth To The Other With No Cash?

We are all using cash less these days, but even so, it’s always good to have a few dollars in your pocket, just in case. This is especially true when traveling abroad where the more remote the location, the more likely it is cash will be necessary. Or so one might think.

PayPal challenged lifestyle and travel blogger Steve Booker to travel from the Arctic Circle to the world’s most southerly city, and to do so completely cash-free. The route from “Pole to Pole” took him across three continents and eight countries in two weeks, all without a single coin or banknote. Booker was required to cover all his expenses using PayPal.

Steve Booker

His journey took him through Svalbard, an archipelago between mainland Norway and the Arctic Circle and one of the world’s northernmost inhabited areas, where he did some dog-sledding under the Northern Lights. He continued to Moscow, where he explored the city’s underground tunnels and took in the views from the Stalin-era skyscrapers. On to Berlin for some street art, then Paris, Barcelona, and Cape Town, where he took a gyrocopter ride over Table Mountain. The adventure ended in Ushuaia in Argentina, regarded as the world’s southernmost city, where Booker made friends with some penguins.

The traveler posted photos on Instagram and videos on YouTube of his exploits, and also documented how he managed to use PayPal wherever he went.

Maybe it is finally time to ditch the wallet.