See How Easily Your Exciting Life Can Be Faked On Social Media

As we’ve established before: nothing is real. Just about everything your friends and family post on social media has a layer of context cropped out from it, or an artificial one inserted in like situational Photoshop. Rather than dwell on the myriad ways social media promotes reality illusions, however, a new video functions as almost a guide to truly pulling out all the stops on inventing a new life for yourself.

“Hashtag Nofilter” takes place within the digital existence of one Jenny Wanderlust. Of course, that name is a total fabrication, because, a.) Jenny is really a guy, and b.) Jenny is a guy who doesn’t appear to have much actual wanderlust, spending most of his free time within a dark photo laboratory, doctoring images. Created by Austria-based director Matthew Rycroft, “Hashtag Nofilter” reveals how Jenny makes rather convincing social media fabrications, some of which are based on popular online memes.

The creepy, tinkling piano that accompanies Jenny’s creating of these invalid updates provides a sinister vibe to the proceedings. It underscores the relative ease with which any of us is capable of deceiving friends and family in the name of instant validation. “Hashtag Nofilter” takes a dark, funny look at Facebook forgery that will have you second-guessing all your feeds.

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