• 11.02.15

Think Your Boss Is a Monster? These Stock Photos Depict Actual Monsters At Work

Let’s face it: Frankenstein’s PowerPoint presentation is probably electrifying.

Traditionally, the only setting for some kind of mash betwixt monsters is a graveyard. It doesn’t have to be that way, though, just because some song decrees it. A monster soiree could take place anywhere, really. In fact, some people might even describe their offices as a malevolent hellscape teeming with monsters. A new project takes that bit of embellishment quite literally, though, and uses it to spice up all potential future random workplace imagery online.


Earlier this year, we got a chance to insert photos of Vince Vaughn doing a business into any and all visually driven business content. Now, we have the same opportunity with a series of stock photos depicting actual monsters in the workplace. Created by the team at Column Five Media, these images jazz up the unnatural, forced feel of office culture usually depicted in Getty images. Luckily, photo editors at business-facing publications can now insert shots of Frankenstein preparing a PowerPoint presentation or Dracula filing quarterly reports into anything they like. Somehow, these photos feel no less unrealistic and alien than what they are parodying.

Have a look at more stock photos of monsters working in the slides above.

[via Visual News]

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